Fayean Paddle Board Reviewed

The Fayean paddle board is a great way to get out of the city and experience some fresh air on the water. You would surely enjoy it as it brims with features that make paddling a pleasurable and pleasant experience.

A known inflatable SUP company, Fayean is a market leader who comes up with excellent inflatable SUP products. All their paddle boards are thoroughly checked by specialists before coming into their warehouse. Aside from that, they also provide the best customer service!

So if you’re thinking about getting into stand-up paddle boarding, the Fayean paddle board may just be the board you’re looking for!

Continue reading this article to discover all the various features, pros and cons, and reasons why other paddlers are so excited about using this SUP.

Fayean paddle board reviews

Fayean Paddle Board

Fayean Paddle Board Features

Portable and lightweight, the Fayean paddle board quickly inflates and deflates for convenient storage and transportation. With the backpack that it comes with, you can carry also this amazing board everywhere you go.

This SUP’s stability and balance were improved. It’s ideal for flat water, river runs, and minor waves while traveling. Beginner riders who weigh up to 450 lbs (204 kg) might also benefit from this model. What’s more, paddle boards with a 6-inch (15.24cm) thickness are less likely to sink.

This model also features a Triple Fin. In terms of speed, handling, and steering, the triple bottom panel fins are a big help. It’s easy to use for youngsters, teens, and adults alike, with 3 detachable, durable removable fins. Further, the board’s large EVA footpad gives traction and a better paddling experience while it is lightweight and portable. 

Overall, your Fayean SUP board kit includes a black paddle, a pump, a fin, a backpack, a coil leash, and a universal waterproof case. This just shows how Fayean is committed to providing its clients with the best possible products for a great inflatable sports experience.


Fayean provides a great collection of accessories that make paddling easier and more cost-effective. You get three detachable fins that you can use to repair damaged or missing fins. In addition, the spiral form of the leash allows you to move freely around the board, making it a more secure option.

For times when you don’t have access to an electric pump, the kit also contains a hand pump to make life easier for you. You’ll need to put in extra effort to get the maximum pressure out of your paddle board with manual use.

Something else you may want to pay attention to is the high-pressure spring valve, as it comes in very handy when the time comes to inflate or deflate your Fayean SUP. Another advantage is the EVA foot pad, which provides much-needed grip when inflating your board.

Fayean paddle board kit

SUP Board Performance

The bottom of the Fayean paddle board features three fins that help to increase overall speed.  In addition to helping you improve your steering and handling, they make learning and developing control easier for beginners. You can remove and replace the fins with ease, regardless of your age or ability. Other than that, the board has a 30-inch deck that provides enough room to stand comfortably while maintaining good posture and balance. People may find this width a tad narrower than most regular paddle boards.

With its 6-inch thickness, you won’t have to worry about water dripping into your deck as you move the board around. Because of its thickness, the paddle board won’t sink too far into the water when you’re paddling. Additionally, this paddle board has a weight capacity of up to 450 pounds, thanks to its solid design and use of durable materials. Its high load capacity and roomy design make it ideal for paddling with a companion or pet. Four D-rings can be used to attach a kayak seat to the board, so you can try kayaking and paddling.

Inflation Time and Construction

This premium PVC and EVA construction ensure that this paddle board will last for years to come. An industrial-grade glue is also used to ensure that attachments don’t come loose even when exposed to water. Lightweight and comfortable to carry, these materials make the product easier to transport.

You can elevate the board without losing your balance by using the built-in heavy-duty handle. However, the print on the deck often fades after the first use, despite the design’s use of UV-resistant materials.

You can inflate the board using the included manual air pump in about five minutes, letting you get to the water quickly. Fast deflation time makes cleaning and packing after use more convenient. Even so, the last pumping of the board can be hard, so you may need to work harder or ask a friend for help.

There are no leaks or tears to worry about when using your board at its suggested maximum pressure thanks to the reinforced composite drop-stitch.

Storage and Safety

Aside from being well-made, the company makes sure you won’t have to worry about your health by using non-toxic materials. The top layer of EVA material provides a long-lasting grip, even when water is splashed on the board.

A coil leash is also included in the Fayean package, so you can attach the board to your ankle with it. In the event of falling into the water, the paddle board will not be able to float away because of this connection.

The built-in straps on the Fayean SUP allow you to secure small items like food or extra clothing. You can also get a waterproof case that supports universal applications. To keep your essentials, such as a camera or phone, close to you and dry while paddling, you can use a dry bag.

When you’re fishing or snorkeling, you can keep your things in the bungee attached to the board. In addition to the board itself, Fayean SUP comes with a backpack that makes traveling and storage easier. Once you’re about to store your inflatable SUP, deflating and folding the paddle board into the backpack won’t hurt your muscles because the shoulder straps are padded.

Fayean Paddle Board Pros and Cons

To help determine whether the Fayean paddle board fits your preferences and ability level as a paddler, look into its pros and cons here: 


  • Durable construction
  • More surface area and improved fin design
  • Beautiful design
  • Multi-functional carry handle, bottle holder
  • Excellent stability


    • The SUP can lose a little color in some places after use
    • The size can make mobility a little difficult
    • It’s hard to pump the board if you don’t have a strong upper body


You may have a few questions to help you finalize your decision on whether to buy the Fayean SUP. Don’t worry, we have done some extensive research to come up with answers to questions paddlers often come up with. Check them out below:

Do the Fayean Paddles Float?

Yes, they do. In fact, the Fayean paddles have floatable reinforcements added by the manufacturer. Consequently, you will be able to quickly retrieve your paddle if it falls into the water by accident. You don’t have to worry about paying more for a replacement paddle in the event of a sinking mishap.

Three more fins are included in the package in case one gets damaged. In addition, new fins may be purchased on the market, making repairs and replacements easier and less time-consuming. You’ll save money in the long run as you don’t have to buy a new paddle board set when your fins are damaged. 

Can You Paddle in Salt Water?

The SUP is usable in freshwater and saltwater, meaning you can paddle in any body of water with flat or soft currents. Thanks to this adaptability, you’ll have more fun and convenience.

Is There a Variety of Fayean Paddle Boards?

A number of Fayean paddle board reviews show these come in a variety of colors, but the included adjustable paddle is only available in black. To give the paddle boards a distinct look, they have a variety of graphics and patterns on their decks. Aside from making it easier for people to find you in an emergency, bright colors make it easier for others to see you.

Who Should Buy the Fayean SUP?

This paddle board can be purchased by anyone, from novices to experienced paddlers. Paddling, touring, and recreation are all made easier by the kayak’s strong build, high-quality attachments, and easy maneuverability.

Trust us, you’ll be glad to take our advice as the Fayean SUP has all you need to make every day spent on the water worthwhile, from yoga SUP to ocean or racing SUP events.

Fayean paddle board copy


This Fayean paddle board is perfect if you’re looking for a board that can be used by paddlers of all ability levels. Stability is ensured for everyone on board, including accompanying friends and pets, thanks to its high load capacity, large deck, and anti-slip surface. There is also enough depth to keep you from sinking too far in, even if it’s a little smaller than most typical SUP boards.

Go ahead, get yourself a Fayean paddle board now and have a good paddling experience with your pets, friends, or alone. Feel good paddling in the ocean, lakes, or rivers where you can fully relax and feel nothing but excitement.

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