How to Store Inflatable SUP for Winter

Once the winter season has come, it can be too cold to go paddle boarding. Probably, one of your dilemmas is wondering how to store inflatable SUP for winter. One of the major benefits of an inflatable SUP is that it’s easy to store. Therefore, you won’t have much trouble storing your inflatable paddle board during the cold months. 

This article will help you get all the information you need to know about how to store inflatable SUP for winter.

how to store inflatable sup for winter

Factors To Consider When Storing Inflatable SUP For Winter

To keep your inflatable SUP in good condition, there are some factors you need to consider when storing it. 


Before putting your inflatable SUP away for the winter, it’s essential that you clean it first. Use water and soap to wash the inflatable SUP to remove dirt and stains. If stains aren’t removed before long storage, they can become a permanent part of the inflatable SUP. 

It is always advisable to clean off the parts of your paddle boards completely before putting them into storage for the winter. Also, it’s best to use an inflatable SUP washing soap because other types of washing soaps might contain aggressive chemicals that can compromise the color and quality of your inflatable SUP. 


Direct exposure to UV rays can lead to fading and weakening of the inflatable SUP. Therefore, you should store your inflatable paddle board away from direct sunlight. You can deflate the inflatable SUP and store it in a cool dry place. 


Moisture can damage your inflatable paddle board. A wet inflatable paddle board can grow mildew which can damage the deck and also cause it to smell bad. Before storing your inflatable SUP, you should ensure it isn’t wet and store it in a dry spot. 

You can deflate your inflatable SUP and store it in a garage or a dry storage room with an average temperature. 

Extreme Temperature

Extreme heat and cold temperatures can make your inflatable paddle board weaken faster than it should. How to store your inflatable SUP for the winter is to find a storage space that isn’t prone to significant changes in temperature. 

You can store it in a garage or a storage room that is dry and not susceptible to extreme changes in temperature. 

inflatable paddle board storage

Ways To Store An Inflatable SUP

Storing your inflatable SUP in winter involves the choice of location and the manner of storage. These are some ways on how to store inflatable SUP for winter:

Bag It Up

Most inflatable iSUP comes with an inflatable SUP carry case for easy storage and mobility. You can deflate the SUP and keep them safe in their carry case. Storing the SUP and other accessories in the bag will keep them safe. 

Importantly, you can store the bag in a garage or a storage room where it can be protected from moisture, sunlight, and extreme temperature. 

Roll It Up 

If you don’t have an inflatable SUP bag, another way to safely store your inflatable SUP is to roll it up like a burrito. You need to first deflate all the air from the inflatable SUP then roll it up into a small tight roll and store it in a dry and cool place. 

Store Your Inflatable SUP Semi-Inflated

If you have enough space to hold your inflatable SUP, then you don’t have to deflate it. You just have to reduce the air in the iSUP to reduce the pressure and then store it in a safe spot. 

Storing your inflatable SUP without deflating it will save you the trouble of inflating it the next time you need to use it. 

Remove The Fins

When preparing your inflatable SUP for storage, you should remove the fins after deflating it. Without removing the fin, you can damage it when rolling up the inflatable SUP for storage. 

Leave The Valve Open

After deflating the iSUP, before packing it up, check if the valve is open. Ensure you leave the valve open before storing the inflatable SUP because it will ensure that the temperature doesn’t inflate the SUP while in storage. 

Can You Leave Your Inflatable SUP Inflated?

You can leave your inflatable SUP inflated as long as you have a safe storage space to keep it. When it comes to storing your inflatable SUP, the major things you should be concerned about are moisture, sunlight, and extreme temperature. As long as you can keep your inflated SUP away from these external factors then you have no cause to worry.

However, it’s advisable that you release some air in the inflatable SUP before storing it. This will protect it from expanding when the storage space gets too warm. Also, avoid placing objects on the inflated SUP as this can cause punctures and scratches. 

Can Paddle Boards Be Stored Outside In The Winter?

It’s not advisable to leave your paddle board outside during winter because it can get damaged by snow and moisture. You should store your inflatable SUP indoors, whether in a storage room or your garage. 

But if you’re storing your paddle board outside in the winter, you should use a strong  tarp cover that you can use to protect the board. You should also secure the tarp with bungee straps to ensure it doesn’t get blown off by the wind. 

When storing your paddle board outside, keep it away from areas where a tree branch or a brick might fall on it. Likewise, keep it away from the reach of children and animals. 

inflatable vs hard paddle board

In Conclusion

When it comes to knowing how to store your inflatable SUP, the way you store it and where you store it determines its safety and condition. A storage room, garage, or a basement are good indoor spaces where you can safely store your inflatable SUP. 

Finally, choosing how to store inflatable SUP for winter must be focused primarily on keeping your inflatable SUP away from damaging factors such as moisture, sunlight, and extreme temperature.