FunWater Paddle Board Review – Buyers Guide

If you’re an enthusiastic traveller or share your passion for the outdoors with your family, buying a FunWater paddle board is a must. Water sports aren’t complete without one! 

Funwater paddle board review

While many places have them for hire, nothing beats owning one. If you and your family enjoy spending time on a paddle board, the fees of renting them can soon add up. With your own FunWater inflatable paddle board, you’ll have the freedom to travel wherever you like and always have a paddle session guaranteed. 

In this review, we dissect the pros and cons of an inflatable SUP and share with you the top features that make a paddleboard from FunWater worth the money. 

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Review of the FunWater Paddle Board

The FunWater inflatable SUP is an excellent option for any adventurer! In this review, we share its best features. If you’re interested in purchasing it after reading through the below, you can get it here.

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Features of the FunWater Inflatable SUP

Easy to Use

It takes the average user only 5 minutes to inflate the FunWater SUP to approximately 14psi. While it’s easy to inflate to 10psi, it gets a tad more challenging after that.

Deflating it is just as quick, and you can easily fit the deflated SUP back into its bag.

There are also no complicated steps involved, and installing the fins is a quick job. 

Stable SUP to Keep You On Your Feet

The FunWater paddle board is perfect for beginners and kids. It has three fins for greater stability and a broad base to help keep you upright and above the water.

Being so big, this inflatable SUP is suitable for various activities. It has a rounded shape and just the right thickness to improve its stability whether you’re cruising on a lake or facing the ocean chop. It is the perfect SUP for beginners and advanced riders alike. 

If you’re positioned right, the chances of falling off are slim. If both don’t exceed the weight limit, you can even have more than one member on the SUP at once.


Unlike most fibreglass boards, the FunWater SUP is ultra-durable. It is double layered with light military-grade PVC, which gives it extra resistance to wear and tear, ensuring that the board lasts longer.

The material can withstand a fair share of abuse, and sharp objects can’t easily puncture it on first contact. It’s a great choice for river or ocean paddling and rocky shores. 

If you have pets nearby, they won’t be able to damage your paddleboard on their first strike either.

Easy to Store

The FunWater inflatable paddle board is easy to store when not in use. You don’t need a garage or other large space to put it away – you can easily roll it up once deflated, pack it back in its carry bag, and put it in a closet. 

The storage bag is large and can comfortably fit all the parts. 

Super Comfortable

At some point, you’ll fall when standing on your paddle board. Inflatable SUP’s are much softer than fibreglass ones, so the impact will be cushioned when you take your first plunge. Because the board is softer, it also provides a more comfortable surface when sitting. 

FunWater SUP Performance

It’s normal to feel confused when deciding between inflatable and fibreglass paddle boards. In the end, it should come down to performance and convenience. This is how the FunWater SUP performed in our test:

While inflatable paddle boards have come a long way, and the FunWater model does not disappoint, fibreglass boards still perform better. 

Fibreglass paddle boards glide through the water with ease, so it’s best to choose one if you plan on racing, surfing or doing long-distance expeditions with your board. 

However, an inflatable SUP is perfect if you need a stable board that performs well in flat waters. It offers much more stability than a fibreglass board of the same size, and the longer your inflatable SUP is, the better it will move through the water. 

Unlike fibreglass boards, the FunWater SUP is very convenient for travelling and easy to set up. 

Pros and Cons of the FunWater Inflatable Paddle Board


Great for Traveling: This kit is easy to transport, making it great for adventures. It conveniently packs up in a carry bag and can even be checked in on a plane. 

Durable: The inflatable board bounces right back when it hits rocks and can’t easily be pierced by sharp objects. 

Stable: The FunWater inflatable paddle board offers better stability for beginners.

Comfortable: This SUP is more comfortable than fibreglass models to ensure that your falls will be cushioned. 


Not as Rigid: The FunWater SUP isn’t as rigid, even when inflated to the correct air level.

Not Easy to Move: Due to its round design, the FunWater inflatable paddle board has a slow response time to turns and isn’t as easy to manoeuvre. 

Value for Money

The FunWater paddle board comes with a just-above-average price tag, which might make you sway away at first. However, compared to other SUP’s, this inflatable model is excellent value for the money you’ll pay!

When purchasing this kit, you’ll not only receive an inflatable board, pump, and paddle, but also a convenient travel backpack, coil leash, 3 removable fins in different sizes, and a waterproof bag for your phone.

Your whole family can join in on the fun when you purchase the FunWater paddle board – pets included! It is wide enough to simultaneously fit two children, and with a weight capacity of up to 150kg, all family members can enjoy activities on it. 

dogs on stand-up paddle boards

Pets will also feel more comfortable on an inflatable SUP than a fibreglass one. The surface of inflatable boards offers a better grip ensuring that your pet won’t slide around. 

Get our hot tips on teaching your dog how to paddle board with you!

The design, material, and ease of use make this a fantastic board for small children, beginners, and easy-going travellers. 

Our Verdict

If you’re searching for a top-quality, lightweight SUP, then this one from FunWater is a great buy! It comes with a 30-day, no-risk return, a 60-day paddle warranty, and a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Excellent customer service also makes sorting out any issues a quick process. 

The waterproof phone case included in the SUP kit ensures that you can take plenty of photos to document your water adventures, and its carry bag makes travelling a breeze. Although some buyers have complained of a cheap feel on the paddles, the board kit scores high overall.

If fun and ease are on the top of your list, you can’t go wrong with purchasing the FunWater paddle board for many adventures packed in an easy-to-carry travel bag.