How to Fold Your Inflatable SUP with Fins

Learning how to fold your inflatable SUP with fins is one of the simplest techniques you should know when you get your inflatable SUP board. The technique is especially necessary for easy transportation and proper storage of your SUP without causing damage to the fin plates by bending it incorrectly.

how to fold your inflatable sup with fins

Step by Step Instruction On How to Fold an Inflatable Paddle Board

In this section, you will get a six-step process on how to fold your inflatable SUP with fins. If you follow these steps correctly, you will have no cause to worry about the state of your inflatable SUP afterward. Here are the six-step processes:

Step 1: Clean and dry the board

Before deflating or taking any step to fold your inflatable SUP, you must ensure it is clean and dry. Rinse all sides of the board with fresh water, and after you are sure it is clean, wait till it is completely dry. 

Step 2: Get the air out of the board

To fold the paddle board neatly without any part being filled with air, you have to deflate the board completely.

To deflate the board:

  1. Locate the valve cap and remove it.
  2. Push the valve pin, and turn it in the anti-clockwise direction.
  3. Leave it in the open position till all the air gets out. 

The sudden rush of air might startle you, especially if it is your first time learning how to fold an inflatable SUP with fins. But it is normal; there is no reason to panic.

You can use an electric pump to suck out the air, if you have one. Using an electric pump is a more efficient and faster way to suck the air out.

Step 3: Secure Accessories

Depending on the fin setup, the gears might need adjustment; place them around the number band graphic. Place the strap where you can easily use it to secure the board after folding it.

inflatable vs hard paddle board

Step 4: Fold the Board

After you have completely let go of the air in the board, you can go on folding your inflatable board. Start folding from the nose down to the tail. Folding from the nose to the tails helps you release any air volume still on the board. 

Keep folding the board until you get to where the fin plates are. At this point, you have to be sure you are not folding the fin plates; keep them flat on the floor and continue folding.

When practising how to fold your inflatable SUP with fins, you should press on the board after each fold to get a nice and tight SUP at the end.

Step 5: Tighten the Straps

After folding it, please pick up the straps you put away, secure both ends and tighten them. The tighter it is, the easier it will be to tuck it away.

Step 6: Tuck it away

Once the paddle board is neatly folded, place your rolled board, pump, paddle, leash, and fin into your backpack or carry bag or wherever it fits. And you are ready to go. 

Things to Know When Folding Your Inflatable Paddle Board

There are some things to know and avoid when learning how to fold your inflatable paddle board with fins. 

  • Ensure you deflate the paddle board totally before you start rolling or folding it.
  • Roll from the nose so that you do not leave in any air after folding
  • When rolling a SUP with fins, do not bend or put pressure on the fin boxes.
  • Do not roll the paddle board too tightly or at bad angles.
  • After rolling your paddle board, please do not allow it to stand end to end on a hard surface. The sharp corner of the folded SUP can be damaged when exposed to too much friction.
  • If you will put your paddle board away for a while, ensure it is dry and clean to avoid the growth of molds on the boards. 
  • Do not let sand enter the board while deflating or rolling it. 

Tip: To ensure a neat and tightly folded board, make each fold around 10 to 12 inches or any measurement that suits the length of your paddle board. 


An inflatable board makes it easier and more comfortable to travel around water than a solid SUP. If you would want to enjoy other water adventures, owning a reliable inflatable board is more advisable. To maintain its good quality, it is important to know how to fold your inflatable SUP with fins the right way after use. In that case, you can enjoy using it for a long time without any hitches and improve the overall experience.