From Budget to Premium — How Much are Inflatable Paddle Boards?

Inflatable SUP board lovers who want to find out how much are inflatable paddle boards end up wading through pages of online search results to figure out what would suit their needs and be kind to their budget. 

This leads to a lot of confusion and uncertainty, which can make people buy SUP boards they’ll end up regretting. If your dilemma is how to make the right choice knowing that paddle board prices are a drawback, this article will help to address your problems We’ve put together a list of the top inflatable paddle boards under $400 so that you may enjoy the sport of paddleboarding without going over your budget.

how much are inflatable paddle boards

How Much Do Paddle Boards Cost?

Inflatable boards come in a wide variety of price points. Between $700 and $1200, you may get an epoxy SUP board. It is possible to get a soft-top paddle board for as little as $400. In some cases, paddle boards can be found for only $200. 

In all honesty, we discovered that most paddleboard enthusiasts are after the best budget inflatable paddleboard

What is the Best Value Inflatable Paddle Board?

Let’s look at the three types of paddleboards and the factors that determine their prices before talking about costs. 

  • Epoxy SUP Boards: Epoxy SUP boards are constructed with a fiberglass outer shell covering an inner core. When it comes to SUP board weight and strength, the inner foam’s density and quality are critical. Machines make the inner foams, but much of the board’s construction is done by hand. Manufacturers will have to pay a lot of money to ship epoxy boards to other countries, as well as to warehouses and retail locations.
  • Compared to traditional paddleboards, soft tops are less expensive and are made of a single piece of polystyrene foam rubber. Despite their low price, soft-top SUPs are among the most durable on the market.
  • Molded SUPs are constructed in a plastic molding facility. These are among the most affordable options because of the raw plastic used. Plastic boards are cumbersome to lift, making them a less convenient alternative.

The million-dollar question is: how much can you expect to pay for the boards we spoke about?

  • Prices for epoxy SUP boards range from $700 to $2000.
  • Plastic SUPs and “Soft Top” paddle boards start at $400.
  • Prices for inflatable paddle boards vary greatly, from $200 for a cheap throwaway board to $1,800 for a high-end specialist model.

As a matter of interest, quality materials used to manufacture excellent SUP boards can be costly. These SUP boards’ materials keep them inflatable and durable. The weak fibers and poor construction of cheaper SUP boards result in bouncy SUP boards.

Let’s consider a few options with regard to the best inflatable paddle boards under $400:

  • Roc Inflatable Paddle Board: The ROC inflatable paddle board features a basic, lightweight design, making it ideal for a wide range of SUP activities. Cargo can be secured with bungee cords. There is a diamond-patterned EVA foam deck pad for improved grip in the middle. The bag has a carry handle in the middle. Four D-rings surround the deck pad, which can be used to attach kayak seats or other equipment. The inflating valve and a single D-ring for securing the safety leash are located on the tail end. If you are looking for a lightweight stand up paddleboard, look no further!
  • SereneLife Inflatable SUP: This is a great beginner SUP. Mastering the SereneLife iSUP is also a great way to acquire balance! SereneLife performs well on water. It’s a touch shaky while standing still. This stance can be difficult to maintain. Once the board glides, the challenge fades into the background. The board has a front bungee cord section with four D-rings for cargo storage. It also features an EVA foam deck pad in the center to avoid slips. It also has a central carry handle for portability.
  • FB SPORT Premium Inflatable SUP: a budget-friendly board with solid performance. It stands out for its versatility and ease of use—ideal for normal paddling. D-rings, central carrying handle, UV-resistant soft EVA deck pad, and high-pressure inflation valve are all included. The FB SPORT Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board suits all skill levels. However, in stormy seas, FB SPORT is weak and fragile.

Are Cheap Stand Up Paddle Boards Worth It?

There’s a reason why cheap paddle boards are cheap. Less expensive inflatable SUPs are usually made from a single layer of thin material, making the board less rigid and less durable.

When cheap hard boards are first used, they appear to be fine, but they can quickly deform, allowing water to enter the outer layer. In the lower end of the market, there is a lot of deceptive advertising about the construction of the boards.

How To Choose The Best Inflatable Paddle Boards Under $400

  • Pay attention to the SUP’s adaptability: Beginners should use an all-around iSUP. But customized SUPs should perform better with experience and certain activities.
  • How it handles paddles and rough coastlines: Budget boards do not last as long as Red Paddle Co. or Atoll. But they need to be tested on rocky shores or at least be able to handle accidental paddle hits.
  • The optimal PSI level: The PSI for these boards is usually 12-15. High PSI SUPs are stiffer and perform better on water.
  • How much can it carry: When choosing an iSUP, consider its safe carrying capacity. The weight of the paddle boarders and supplies should be within the board’s safe weight range. A heavily laden SUP will perform poorly.
  • Paddleboard stability: The steadiness of an iSUP is the first thing a newbie looks for. It need not be very stable. But a steady iSUP is better for learning than a challenging race board.
best budget inflatable SUP

In Conclusion

To summarize, a quality inflatable SUP is a reliable, durable, and space-efficient purchase. The price of a SUP paddleboard will depend on how much it costs to make, ship, and work on.

As the sport gains worldwide appeal, new designs and materials are continually developed to improve outcomes. Now that you know how much are inflatable paddle boards, it will be easier to figure out how to choose a stand up paddle board that suits your individual needs and budget.